In The Yorkville Highlands of Anderson Valley, close to the coast and tucked into a forest, you will find the home of “Artevino Wine” at Maple Creek Winery. The rolling hills, the pacific breezes that cool the valley, and the warm sunny days are all reflected in our natural, artisanal wines. We make our wines with the understanding that sustainability is the artist’s way. 

We invite you to make yourself at home in our cozy Anderson Valley tasting room and learn how we came to make the best natural wines along Highway 128.

Sustainability is our cornerstone

What happens in the vineyard doesn’t stay in the vineyard. Quite the opposite—every choice a winemaker makes, from pest management to harvest time to what you plant in between your vineyard rows, leaves a mark on the wine. Like the artist, our task as winemakers is to work with the vines in a way that ensures those marks are beautiful.

We do this by farming sustainably. We don’t use pesticides. We don’t use herbicides. This makes pest management more involved, but it allows us to work in collaboration with mother earth rather than against her. Our grapes are cultivated, pruned, and picked by hand at the peak of ripeness. We use cover crops to encourage biodiversity and increase the organic matter in our soils.

No shortcuts are taken, nothing added to wines to enhance color or flavor, we let Artevino wine take it’s time.

How the magic happened

Tom Rodrigues, a third-generation fruit farmer, and artist, found himself at the Maple Creek Ranch and Winery on a motorcycle trip from the Bay area in 2001. He immediately bonded with the serene beauty of the place which was named after the creek that winds through the property.

Looking for a reason to get away from the hustle and bustle of the Bay area, Tom purchased the winery and has devoted over 20 years to marrying his two greatest passions: art and wine.

Make yourself at home at our Anderson Valley tasting room

Our tasting room is picnic perfect, tucked away off Highway 128, shaded by oak trees, and often filled with the sounds of dogs playing and glasses clinking. We pour a variety of award winning white and red wines, something for everyone. It is a charming, relaxing, authentic spot, featuring the artwork of Tom Rodrigues, hence “Artevino” wine.

Enter as strangers, leave as friends, that is our motto. Let us tell you the story of how we became swept away by the joy of making the best natural wines in California to bring to your table.

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