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At Artevino Wines we know that you want to drink great wine and enjoy a fantastic wine experience. In order to do that, you need a delicious, Hand Crafted Natural Wine. The problem is that the wine store is packed with hundreds of Mass-Marketed Chemical-Laden Industrial wines which makes you feel unsure and overwhelmed. We understand your frustration. That’s why we only make Sustainably Grown, Earth Friendly, Pure Natural Artisan Wines.

Here’s How We Do it :

Maple Creek Vineyards
Artevino grapes are planted and grown Naturally without Herbicides or Pesticides.
Artevino Natural Grapes
Our grapes are cultivated, pruned and picked by hand at the peak of ripeness.
Hand Crafted Natural Wine Fermentation
Our grapes are naturally fermented in open vats just like the Ancient Winemakers.

Life is too short to drink bad wine. . .

Buy some delicious Artevino Natural Wine today.

Artevino Hand Crafted Natural Wine by the Fire

Why Artevino Natural Wines ?

We make our wines with as little intervention as possible. We use ZERO pesticides and ZERO herbicides in our vineyards.

Did you know…? There are over 60 additives that conventional winemakers are legally allowed to use in their  “wine”.  Why do that? Well, usually it’s because they are trying to make inferior wine taste better by covering up it’s flaws. We don’t do that.

Our Artevino grapes are grown organically or sustainably in Mendocino County. Our natural wines contain No Colorings, No Flavorings, or any other artificial chemicals. We don’t need them, and You don’t either!

We make and sell only the finest Artisanal Reds, Whites, and Dessert Wines. If you’re choosy about what you drink, you owe it to yourself to try a Natural Artevino Wine.

Simply put . . . Natural Wine tastes better.
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Once You Go Natural, You’ll Never Go Back !

Our Philosophy

Defining ARTEVINO, and what we’re all about. We are a small production winery, creating high quality artisanal wines from our vineyard to your glass.

Our winemaker Tom Rodrigues is a third generation fruit farmer. His great grandfather started on the Azores Islands of Portugal. Tom’s grandfather taught him, at an early age, “get your fruit ripe and the rest is easy”. Well, he was mostly right…except for the easy part. Farming is hard work and 80% of winemaking IS farming.

You cannot make great wine with inferior grapes, and so we focus on sustainable farming practices without pesticides, nor herbicides . We use natural soil amendments, natural fertilizers and cover crops. We let Mother Nature do her work.

The terroir, we have here in the Yorkville Highlands of Anderson Valley, provides the perfect growing conditions to produce ripe flavorful fruit. Warm days, cool nights and coastal fog create the ideal conditions for developing character and complexity in the grapes. The right moment is chosen for harvest by our winemaker himself.

Under Tom’s watchful eye, fermentation and barrel selection take place and the wine develops into the wonderful elixir which finds its way into your glass.

We believe the time taken is well worth the experience, ARTEVINO wines are made with love and passion. Enjoy !

Wine Clubs

Membership has its privileges, and as a member of Artevino Wine Club you will receive two shipments per year (April and  October) of our award-winning wines. Only $1 to join, no monthly dues, and no cancellation fee. Join Today !


  • You select the wine! You have the option of customizing the wine assortment for each Club Selection.
  • Opportunity to purchase wines available only to Wine Club members.
  • 20 – 25% discount on retail wine purchases throughout the year.
  • First in line to purchase limited release and library wines when available.
  • Receive special notifications before a wine sells out.
  • Invitations to “Member Only” events
  • Complimentary tasting for up to 4 people when you visit our tasting room.


Collector Club:

  • 12 bottles, 2 times per year at 25% discount
  • Choice of Red, White or Dessert Wine
  • Discounted tickets to special winery events

Connoisseur’s Club:

  • 6 bottles, 2 times per year at 20% discount
  • Choice of Red, White or Dessert Wine
  • Discounted tickets to special winery events

Sampler Club:

  • 3 bottles, 2 times per year at 20% discount
  • Choice of Red, White or Dessert Wine
  • Discounted tickets to special winery events